Aug 31, 2018

Amish August: Amish Homecoming by Jo Ann Brown Review

Amish Homecoming
Amish Hearts #1
By Jo Ann Brown
Release Date: December 15th, 2015
Love Inspired
Source: ARC provided by the publisher

The Prodigal Daughter Returns 

Ten years ago, Amish quiltmaker Leah Beiler and her twin brother left their community and family without a word. Now she's finally come home—with her orphaned young niece. Leah has much to explain to so many, including Ezra Stoltzfus. Before she left, she dreamed of marrying the handsome dairy farmer. But now that she's lived among the English and is raising a child who knows nothing of Amish ways, Ezra worries she'll leave again. Leah will have to prove to Ezra that her future is in Paradise Springs—and with him—forever.

*ARC provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest and unbiased review*

Amish Homecoming is the first book in the Amish Hearts series written by Jo Ann Brown, and while I have read and loved books by Jo Ann Brown before, I will be completely honest and say I struggled with Amish Homecoming, as the storyline didn’t seem to in with the Amish faith or lifestyle at all!

The characters seemed to be moody and more teenagers than grown adults with responsibilities. It honestly just screams high school drama and as someone who lives surrounded by one of the biggest settlements of Amish people, it doesn’t mesh with the people I know, and it just left me with a book I was disappointed in.

I give Amish Homecoming 2 stars

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