Aug 13, 2018

Annie's Christmas by the Sea by Liz Eeles Review

Annie's Christmas by the Sea
Salt Bay #2
By Liz Eeles
Release Date: October 6th, 2017
Source: ARC provided by the publisher

On the beautiful coast of Cornwall lies the idyllic Salt Bay, where Christmas is the perfect time for bringing family and friends together… 

Annie Trebarwith is happily settled in Salt Bay with her beloved great-aunt Alice and gorgeous boyfriend Josh Pasco. Snow is in the air, and Christmas is just around the corner. 

But when the father she’s never met, aging rock god Barry, turns up with the half-sister Annie didn’t know existed, life suddenly gets complicated. Barry and Storm are soon clashing with the entire village, and their antics are even driving a wedge between Annie and Josh. 

Can Annie prevent her new family ruining the festivities and repair things with Josh in time for a cosy Christmas? Or will their relationship end up as frosty as the Salt Bay air? 

**Copy provided by publisher via Netgalley, in exchange for an honest and unscripted review**

We are back in Salt Bay folks! Which honestly just feels like home to me at this point and I absolutely love being back. But while Annie was all set to enjoy her Christmas with Alice, her yummy boyfriend Josh and the Salt Bay Choir, Annie gets a surprise "gift" instead, when her biological father Barry turns up with her teenage half-sister Storm, and I don't think any of them knew what to expect, certainly not what they are faced with.

Annie's Christmas by the Sea is a fantastic book two in the Salt Bay series (I hope), it has all the normal characters, plus crazy aging rocker Barry, who is nothing like her mother said he was. I have to admit I do love Alice's excepting nature in, it truly endears that women to me even more.

When it comes to Josh and Annie, they have their up and downs, but by the end of the book I was concerned that they might not last, as there are definitely stains over the family drama and the lack of being together, but I'm holding strong that they're a forever couple.

Annie's Christmas by the Sea is yet another stunning book by Liz Eeles, her writing is fantastic and truly sucks you into the story and that is why I give it 5 stars


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