Sep 12, 2018

The Little Book Cafe: Tash by Georgia Hill Review

The Little Book Cafe: Tash Story
Little Book Cafe #1
By Georgia Hill
Release Date: August 3rd, 2018
Source: ARC provided by the publisher

Escape to the seaside for a new three-part series for fans of The Canal Boat Cafe and Willow Cottage

Local estate agent Tash isn’t convinced about joining the new book club at Berecombe’s beautiful new bookshop and cafĂ©. Dragged there by her friend Emma, she knows she needs a night out. Her boyfriend Adrian is wonderful, and adores her, but has become a bit clingy of late. So when she is introduced to new local farmer Kit, with his scruffy beard and low-key look, it's a breath of fresh air to chat to someone so un-Adrian. Maybe this book club idea could be fun after all!

But when Tash starts forgetting things and behaving oddly, over-protective Adrian is determined to keep her from her new interest. But if bookclub has taught Tash anything, she should know not to judge a book by its cover…

*ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest and unbiased review*

When you read the title of a book called The Little Book Cafe, you would think innocently it just about a bookstore, and in some ways you are right, but it's really about a book club in a small town, but in Tash's Story it's more about how this Book club made her open her eyes and realize her life is not as it seems, and in the end, has quite a sinister undertone! And you are left hoping Tash will get free in time!

But don't think that this book is a book full of suspense, but it has love, humor and manages to deal with a very serious topic, which is domestic abuse. Domestic abuse can come in many forms, from unwanted control, isolation, verbal abuse to things that are more serious, and while this book is fiction, if you are in an abusive situation, please reach out for help.

The little Book  Cafe is well written and an inspiring story, and while it was written as a part of a series Tash's Story can totally be read as a stand-alone, just like I did, but it will make you want to go back and start from the beginning, just like I want to do.

I give The Little Book Cafe 4 stars!

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