Jan 10, 2019

The Hopes and Dreams of Lucy Baker by Jenni Keer Review

The Hopes and Dreams of Lucy Baker
By Jenni Keer
Release Date: January 10th, 2019
Avon Books UK
Source: ARC provided by the Publisher

Meet Lucy, aged 25, and Brenda, aged 79. Neighbours, and unlikely friends.

Lucy Baker is not your usual 25-year-old. She is more at home reading and knitting in her cluttered little flat than going out partying and socialising.

79-year-old Brenda is full of wise and wonderful advice, but when she’s diagnosed with dementia her life begins to change. Before her memories slip away forever, Brenda is desperate to fulfil one last wish – to see Lucy happy.

Gifting Lucy the locket that helped Brenda find her own true love, she hopes to push her reticent neighbour in the right direction. But is Lucy Baker ready for the opportunities and heartbreaks of the real world? It’s about time she put her knitting needles aside and found out…

*ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest and unbiased review*

The Hopes and Dreams of Lucy Baker is a little bit of everything, that has warmed my heart and reduced me to tears, and it all starts with one stray cat!

Lucy Baker is the young women with a soft heart, who doesn’t seem to have learned the word no, is treated like a nobody by pretty much everyone in her life from her mother to her supervisor Adam. Lucy is belittled for her lack of boyfriend, successful career and her ability to make amazing crocheted figurines.

But Lucy is not without friends; she has Jess, who not only works with her, but is a really good friend, then there is Brenda, her landlady, confident, and the person that gives her the gift that changes her life!

The Hopes and Dreams of Lucy Baker is such a darling of a book, that once you start you cannot put down! Especially when Lucy is up to no good. This book made my whole day! It honestly reminds me of a cheekier version of a Jenny Colgan book, but also maybe a little more daring.

From the get-go you can’t help but to love all of the characters, from  Lucy and her sweet personality to George and his many allergies and finally onto Adam and his hidden life, you cannot help but be sucked into their lives and it feels like they have been apart of yours forever. This is definitely a book I recommend. 

I give The Hopes and Dreams of Lucy Baker 5 stars!

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