Oct 23, 2019

Notting Hill in the Snow by Jules Wake Review

Notting Hill in the Snow
By Jules Wake
Release Date: October 11th, 2019
Source: ARC provided by the publisher

From the bestselling author of Covent Garden in the Snow, this is the most romantic and charming book you’ll read this Christmas…
Viola Smith, plays the viola in an orchestra (yes really!), she’s bright, bubbly and enthusiastic about absolutely everything. And it’s enough to drive some people crazy…especially if they’re a grumpy widower with an eight-year-old in tow.
Nathan Williams hates Christmas, despite his small daughter’s efforts to stop him being the Grinch. But when he’s caught up in the community nativity play and meets Viola, her enthusiasm is infectious. As the snow starts to fall on Notting Hill and the bells ring out across London, Nathan might have to admit that Christmas isn’t so bad after all...

*ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest and unbiased review*

Notting Hill in the Snow has to be one of the best books I have read this year, and trust me I read the book 3 times and it still gives me those warm and fuzzy feelings every time. 

The story is about Viola, a member of the London Metropolitan Opera Company as a Violist! Which is exciting right! Well to her parents and extended family she is just the general dogsbody! It doesn’t matter if she has a rehearsal or a performance if her mother needs her to take care of her or her two cousins want “me” time away from their kids, they dump it all on Viola. And that seemed to be the theme at the company when Viola was placed as the outreach person for the LMOC, to put on a Christmas play! And she has paired with grumpy school governor Nate. But Viola got much more from this placement that she does from her own family! And it gives Viola a chance to grow, find her backbone and fall in love! 

This book honestly gave me the desire to get my Christmas tree out and sing Christmas carols and really crave custard creams! Which is really tough to get hold of as a British expat. 

Jules Wake is a new to me author, but she has been quickly added to my must-read authors list, as her writing is fantastic, her character are relatable and she is able to really change your mood within a chapter!

I give Notting Hill in the Snow 5 stars 

Jules Wake announced at the age of ten that she planned to be a writer. Along the way she was diverted by the glamorous world of PR and worked on many luxury brands and not so luxury brands. This proved fabulous training for writing novels as it provided her with the opportunity to hone her writing and creative skills penning copy on a vast range of subjects from pig farming and watches, sunglasses and skincare through to beer and stationery. 

She writes best-selling warm-hearted contemporary fiction for One More Chapter as Jules Wake and under her pen name Julie Caplin, she writes the Romantic Escapes series. Between them, the two Js have written twelve novels, Notting Hill in the Snow being the latest.

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