Dec 31, 2020

Mrs Boots by Deborah Carr Review

Mrs Boots
Mrs Boots #1
by Deborah Carr
Release Date: February 6th, 2020
One More Chapter
Source: ARC provided by the publisher

A gripping historical novel inspired by Florence Boot, the woman behind the nation’s favorite chemist!

Jersey, 1885

On the beautiful island of Jersey, Florence Rowe lives a quiet life working in her father’s bookshop. Life for the Rowe family is good, but Florence can’t help yearning for more…

When Jesse Boot, the successful owner of Boots the chemist, arrives on the island, Florence is immediately captivated by his tales of life in a busy, bustling city on the mainland. For the first time ever, Florence imagines a life away from the constraints of Jersey society, of being someone more than just a shopgirl.

Until her parents reveal the shocking news they will refuse any marriage proposal from Mr Boot. Can Florence find a way to be with the man she loves and make a new life for herself?

*ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest and unbiased review*

I was excited to read this book for two reasons mainly, the first reason is that Deborah Carr is a great author, and her book The Poppy Field really swept you up and off into a world inside the pages, and the second is because I love all things The Channel Islands, being very lucky to have been there for work a few times. but what I didn't know before starting this book was that it was a series book and I just can't handle having a story broken up that way, I find that it takes too much away from the story and I have zero patience to wait for the next book.

When I started the book I did enjoy the story of Florence and Jessie, their age difference and mother interference aside, I was cheering them on from the sidelines, but then the book just started to repeat itself and honestly, it felt like the book had been padded out a little, to make it into a multi-part, rather than just one long book.

Will I read book 2? I honestly don't know, do I believe that Florence Boots story is one I would love and enjoy if it wasn't in more than one book, yes! but to have the time or desire to wait for a second (or third) part? no.

I'm really sad to say that I give Mrs Boots 2.5 stars

Deborah Carr is the author of USA TODAY bestseller The Poppy Field.

She writes historical fiction for HarperCollins' romance imprint One More Chapter. Een Veld Vol Klaprozen, the Dutch translation of The Poppy Field was published by HarperCollins Holland in January 2020.

The first two books in her Mrs Boots series inspired by Florence Boot, the wife of Boots founder, Jesse Boot, will be published in 2020.

She lives on the island of Jersey with her husband and three rescue dogs. She is one of The Blonde Plotters and a co-founder of the multi-award-winning platform, (My Virtual Literary Festival).

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