Jul 15, 2021

Starting Over at Acorn Cottage by Kate Forster Review

Starting Over at Acorn Cottage
by Kate Forster
Release Date: March 19th, 2020
Aria Fiction
Source: Book I own

Buying a thatched cottage in the country may not be the usual cure for a broken heart. But after Clara Maxwell finds out her boyfriend and best friend have been sneaking around behind her back, packing her bags, and leaving everything in London behind feels like it's the only way forward.
Clara knew Acorn Cottage would be a fixer-upper... Yet in person, the cottage is less charmingly ramshackle and more a real health and safety concern. When Henry Garnett, her (rather handsome) new contractor, turns up with his little daughter Pansy and a van shaped like a cottage in tow, she isn't sure whether to laugh or cry. What on earth has she gotten herself into?!
Still, there is something strangely lovable about the people in the little village of Merryknowe, from Rachel Brown, the quiet, lonely girl who bakes magical confections for the tearooms, to Tassie McIver, a little old lady with a lot of wisdom and a penchant for reading tea leaves. And Clara can't deny that Henry and Pansy are quickly worming their way into her heart...
With all the heartbreak of the year behind her, could Acorn Cottage be the fresh start Clara so desperately wants?
*Book I purchased myself*

When I picked up Starting Over at Acorn Cottage, I had no idea of what type of book it was, I na├»vely looked at the cover and scanned over the synopsis, and assumed that it was going to be some light-hearted romance, but boy was I wrong! 


Clara Maxwell has had enough, after finding out that her now ex-boyfriend had been cheating on her with her so-called best friend, unsatisfied in her job as a bank manager, because of the bank's shady dealings, she quits her job and buys Acorn cottage, a little fixer-upper in the country, or so the estate agent told her, but nothing prepared her for what she saw when she got there. 


Henry Garnett was a man of many talents, but he couldn’t fix his wife Naomi of cancer that she died from, but he could give their daughter Pansy everything Naomi wished for their daughter. 


Rachel Brown was the sweetest young woman but horribly oppressed by her mother. Rachel just wants to cook and bring joy to others in the tearoom that she had always dreamed of, but unfortunately nothing good ever happened to Rachel. 


Our final main character is Tassie McIver, being 89 years old has not slowed her mind down at all! Sharpe as a tack and even though her body is letting her down. Thankfully Tassie was granted the ability to know what was going to happen, which was a very good thing. 


Starting Over at Acorn Cottage is the story of what happens when fate intervenes and boy! There were SO many surprises!it kept you hooked. Overall I found it a great book to read, the author kept you on your toes and kept you gripped to the story! 


I give Starting Over at Acorn Cottage 5 stars 

Kate Forster lives in Melbourne, Australia with her husband, two children, and dogs and can be found nursing a laptop, surrounded by magazines and talking on the phone, usually all at once. She is an avid follower of fashion, fame and all things pop culture and is also an excellent dinner party guest who always brings gossip and champagne.

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